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Here is a short description of the DG071Z lcd display I fell over.
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I'm working on a better page but since that will take awhile (as in maybe never) I decided to just scribble down my notes (before I loose them) here for a start.
Most of the info is based on my tests with a multimeter. If a pin goes from U1-1 to U2-2 it can also go to U3-3 since I didn't check every possibility everywhere.

What I found out so far;

I'm trying to find a good connector for the flat cable. I tried one but ended up frying the display so I need something better before I can even do a testrun.

If you have more info, corrections, questions etc., send an email to; <peters AT>

The documentation I have is:

Toshiba T6963C Technical description
Toshiba T6963C Application Notes
Comments to the Toshiba doc
Sample program in C (for another LCD display)
Lcd driver LC7940ND/LC7941ND
Lcd driver LC7942ND

The unit has a few components.
CN1 Flat Cable Main connection
Small Connector
U1 T6963C LCD Controller
U2 LC3664BML-12 8Kx8 Ram
U3 8S9 LCD Power module (?)
U4 LC7940 LCD Driver X
U5 LC7940 LCD Driver X
U6 LC7940 LCD Driver X
U7 LC7942 LCD Driver Y
X1 400??? Can't read what's stamped on it

All values are measured on the board so they are only guidelines.
C1 205nF
C2 95nF
C3 268nF
C4 230nF
R1 97ohm
R2 99ohm
R3 4K46ohm

Here comes some schematics extracts
CN1 is the flat cable
CN2 is the small one on top
CN1-1 = Connectior 1, pin 1

U1 Reset ----+-----CN1-3

Vdd          Vdd
   |                |
 C1            C3
   |                |
Vss            Vss

CN1-3 U1-2 Reset
CN1-4 U1-10 D0
CN1-5 U1-11 D1
CN1-6 U1-12 D2
CN1-7 U1-13 D3
CN1-8 U1-14 D4
CN1-9 U1-15 D5
CN1-10 U1-16 D6
CN1-11 U1-17 D7
CN1-12 U1-18 WR
CN1-13 U1-19 RD
CN1-14 U1-20 CE
CN1-15 U1-21 C/D

CN1-17 Frame ground

CN1-18 CN2-1

CN1-19 CN2-2

CN1-20 CN2-6

CN1-21 CN2-3

CN1-22 CN2-4

CN1-23 CN2-5

CN1-24 U7-31 Disp Off
CN1-25 U1-9 FS1 Select 6x8 or 8x8 font
CN1-26 Vss

CN1-27 Vss

CN1-28 Vss

CN1-29 Vss

CN1-30 Vss

U1 pins
mds Vss
md0 Vss
md1 Vss
md2 Vss
md3 Vdd
fs0 Vss
fs1 CN1-25
D0-D7 CN1-4 to 11
WR CN1-12
RD CN1-13
CE CN1-14
C/D CN1-15
d0-d7 U2-11 to 19
Vdd VN1-1
r/w U2-27
ec u2-21
ad0-7 u2-10 to 3
ad8-11 n/c?
ad12 U2-2
ad13-15 n/c?
ED U4-97 SDI
HSCP U4/5/6-100 CP
LP U4/5/6-98 LOAD
FR U4/5/6-93 & U7-36 M
CH1 ?
CH2 ?
Vdd Vdd
Vss Vss
T2 ?
T1 ?
X1 X1
X0 X1

U3 pins
1 Vdd V1
2 U7-29 V2
3 U4/5/6-89 V3
4 <R1>-U3-5
5 <R1>-U3-4
6 U4/5/6-88 V4
7 U7-28 V5
8 -<R2>-U7-27 Vee
8 -<C2>-Vss

U4-CDI Vss
U4-CDO -> U5 CDI
U5-CDO -> U6 CDI